Integrated Managment System

The TKB family is dedicated towards bringing continous improvements in order to make qaulity control & management processes more efficient. Having obtained ISO 9001:2015, we make a commitment to our clients to never compromise on the quality. Moreover, the company has been able to ensure that all production activities comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and industry standards through a series of internal and external system audits and compliance reviews.

Integrated Management System Policy

We have a strong commitment to protecting the environment and giving our employees in our operating areas a safe, healthy, and clean place to work. We are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products in a timely manner. We'll accomplish this by:

• Technical proficiency, process enhancements, effective supply chain management, and system adherence in all activities will all be efforts we do to attain operational efficiency.
• Protecting the environment, which includes preventing pollution, and achieving continuous IMS performance and effectiveness improvement through process, work methods with the help of objective driver targets are both our shared responsibilities.
• By raising awareness and meeting compliance obligations linked to statutory, regulatory, and other requirements as applicable to organisation, our mission is to reduce occurrences, prevent injury, poor health, and environmental degradation.
• By actively consulting with and involving workers, we are dedicated to eliminating hazards and lowering risk.

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